Hullachan Pro Pomp



Hullachan Pro has found the perfect balance of shape and foot protection. They offer a truly streamlined profile while hugging to the arch and heel to create a truly wonderful toe shape when pointing the toe.


  • Every pair comes fitted with medical grade shock absorbency pads at the toe and heel.
  • Beautiful refined smooth heel for a perfect fit.
  • Elasticised side panels for a close fit around the heels.
  • A patented seam free front to stop friction damage to dancers toes.
  • Flat stitches throughout.
  • Medical grade poron padding at the toe and heel to protect your joints when dancing.
  • An arch hugging profile.
  • Strengthened unbreakable arch panels.
  • Designed to create the perfect shape and maintain dancer's foot health.

Lacing Your Hullachan pumps:

  • Lace through the loop at the front of the shoe
  • Thread each lace through the closest loop on either side (do not cross the laces at this point)
  • Cross over the laces and thread the laces through the loop on the opposite side. Continue doing this until you reach the top of the front of the shoes.
  • Lace the end of the lace through the SECOND set of eyelets from the inside.
  • Take through the back loop.
  • Pull the heel up onto the foot with the laces.
  • Lace through the FIRST set of eyelets now.
  • Pull the excess lace from the front of the foot through the eyelets.
  • Tie in front and either cut off or tuck in.
  • Always pull the heel up tightly when your laces are through the back loop and then pull the sides up when the side eyelets are laced.
  • This will stop the shoe digging into your Achilles and reduce damage over the arch of the foot.


These are currently made to order so please allow an additional 4-6 weeks for delivery.